iKEY is now partnering with RHB Bank to help fully digitalise your centre by offering you Banking, Accounting and Payroll in one integrated eco system.
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iKEY is tailored to improve the management and efficiency of education centres by integrating powerful tools in our education platform designed to assist educators with the technology, to be used by any education establishment for the sole purpose of helping children learn better and families grow together.
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iKEY is issuing a product update to accommodate the requirement of the SOP issued by the government for the operation of daycare and kindergartens. Starting from 12 May 2020, you will be able to use iKEY to record multiple body temperatures of each student within a day.
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Our mobile apps are designed for parents, educators and students to enjoy the features in the apps for free.
Educator App
iKEY Educator is geared with the powerful features to improve daily education business operation efficiency.
Parent App
iKEY Parent aims to centralize all communication and information that is related to the education journey of the children.
Student App
iKEY Kidz is designed to adopt the adaptive learning concept to address the unique requirements of each learner.
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We are an Education Technology Company with the purpose of building a borderless learning community.
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