Keep it easy. Go paperless! Auto generate invoices and receipts for parents and each transaction is recorded in your system and iKEY app. You kill two birds with one stone.
Keep it steady. Send a one-off notice to parents. You can even schedule when to publish the notice in our system, our system will help you to send the notice on time. Trust us, it takes 4 clicks only.
Keep it fun. Capture students' learning journey and send to parents directly via our system and app. We are sure there's nothing more satisfying than seeing children's smile and it happens at your learning centre.
Data Management
Keep it organised. Say "No" to dive into the sea of documents just to update student records. You have all students info centralise in our system. Keeping tons of documents in your cabinet will become history.
Keep it real-time. Teacher's best helper! Using our app to mark attendance as well as body temperature. Parents get notified on their children's current attendance in your centre.
Student report
Keep it professional. Use our professional template to customise the score, feedback, description and remember to display your centre logo and make it uniquely yours.

100% Value

iKEY is an intelligently developed system that connect parents teachers, and students together. This get your routine job done with just few clicks.

100% Concern

You have a professional team to back up! Talk to us anytime about your case. We really like to see when the feature we added would come in useful to you.

100% Support

Don't know how to use the system? Our support team who cares to guide you walk through the system and come on, we have free training! Some more, we like to visit you if you dont mind.