1. What is iKEY?

iKEY is a comprehensive system developed that provides the following services:

i) Centre Management System : Manage your centre using technology to improve efficiency, reduce paper wastage, and increase customer interaction.

ii) Teachers Mobile Application: Taking attendance on the go with just your mobile phone. Parents will be immediately updated of the attendance status, adding another layer of confidence and a peace of mind

iii) Parents Mobile Application: Parents will be able to track their child’s learning progress, obtain timely update from the centres (announcements, event photos, attendance, etc), view educational videos, view and manage invoices (payment through the mobile app is still not available)

2. What are the key features of CMS?

CMS consists of the following features:

  • 1. Managing teacher’s details
  • 2. Managing student’s details
  • 3. Managing course type
  • 4. Managing invoicing and payment records (payment through mobile app will be coming soon)
  • 5. Report generation
  • 6. Announcement with push notification function to Parents’ App
  • 7. Photo gallery management

3. When can parents and teachers download the mobile app?

The App can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Just search

- “iKEY Parent” for the parent app

- “iKEY Educator” for the teachers app

- “iKEY Kidz” for the student app

4. I am the centre owner, how do I pair with the parents using the mobile app?

Parents will have to scan your centre’s QR code, using QR code scanner function in their iKEY mobile app to initiate pairing. It’s just that simple.

Your centre’s QR can be found on the top of your CMS dashboard

5. Are there any charges to use the mobile application?

The mobile application is free to download and use. However, there will be in app purchases, where certain contents will require purchase before access can be granted.

6. Are there any charges to use the web centre management system (CMS)?

The basic version of the iKEY CMS is free to use. However, you may want to purchase the premium version to enjoy the full functionality and convenience of the iKEY CMS.

The premium version will be available from Q2 2020. Please visit www.ikeyedutech.com.my for more updates.

Please submit any feedback via the following link

Thank you!